Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Brooklyn Night

Went to see The Shining at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) as part of the free Movies with a View film series ( Man, young Jack Nicholson sure knows how to bring the creepy. Considering my most recent film encounter with him was in Something's Gotta Give, (I know it's pathetic, but forgive me, I'm a chick), this was quite a turnaround. I was surprised the movie didn't utilize "redrum"more, but that was OK with me, cuz when I read the book I caught on to the meaning of "redrum" pretty quickly, and was like, kid, how stupid can you be? My friend (who grabbed my arm throughout the movie) who was more scared than I thought she'd be, compared Shelley Duvall to the Swedish Chef of Muppet Show fame. Props to Stanley Kubrick for casting Danny Lloyd, he was chilling in his portrayal of Danny, the little boy with psychic powers.

This event is a top pick for "Cheap Chick in the City." A free movie with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhatten skyline as backdrops, and the scent of popcorn in the air, is my idea of a perfect New York City night. It can get chilly by the water, so I would recommend bringing a sweater even in the summertime. There are some semi-cheap eats provided by Rice (prices range from around $3-$10 and include skewers, hot dogs, corn, and burritos,) but get in line early before they run out of food (my friend was denied, and had to find eats elsewhere.) For an even cheaper night, bring your own food.

The Shining was supposed to be the last film in the series until next summer, but my top secret underground sources (well the announcers at the movie) told me that there will be a last screening of Cabaret on Thursday September 4, 2008. Otherwise you'll have to wait until next summer to check out this great Brooklyn treat.

Cheap Chick Info: Movie is free, and there is food from around $3 to $10 to purchase at the show.
Location Info: Brooklyn Bridge Park
Subway: F to York Street, A,C to High Street, 2,3 to Clark Street

A Brooklyn Day

A Brooklyn Day

I went with a friend to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. (, which was started by Dave Eggers, author of the book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I was curious to see the volunteer-run writing space/store where area students attend workshops and receive tutoring on the art of writing. The space is a little smaller than I thought it might be, but what it may lack in size it makes up for in pure imagination. This store could be the Willy Wonka of superhero stores (if in fact there are other superhero store, this is the only one I know of.) There are capes and masks galore in a variety of colors, but there is also essential superhero gear such as grappeling hooks, ropes, and binoculars as well as the ever-useful cans of Justice and Time Travel for sale. What more could a superhero need? You also can't miss the bionic skeleton on display in the front window (believe me you'll know it when you see it), and the store's offerings (Sidekick Placement Services) displayed out front. Most items are displayed in boxes, which guests are encouraged to open, but be careful, you never know what you might find inside!

Cheap Chick Info: The store is free to visit and prices range from a few dollars to $15 and up.
Location Info: Address: 372 Fifth Avenue
Subway: F, M, R, to 9th St-4th Ave

Afterward my friend and I headed down the street the the famous Chip Shop ( a British-inspired restauarant, and home of the deep-fried Twinkie. I thought it might be more of a carry-out shop, but it turned out to be a sit-down restaurant with an Anglophile atmosphere with everything from Harry Potter memorobilia to tables decorated with British postage stamps, and coins. I had the chicken with chips, but though both were delicious, I couldn't really figure out the difference between the chips and regular fries (I know it's something to do with the way they're cut, but here they really looked like regular french fries to me.) Would love to know what they did with the chicken, to give it its great, rich buttery flavor. It has to be said though that the highlight of the meal was the much talked-about deep-fried Twinkie, it was perfect, not too rich, and not as fried as you might think, it literally melted in my mouth. The food is good, though not exactly cheap, most entrees are run about $10, but the deep-fried goodies are around $3. Mmmm, can't wait to taste the deep-fried pizza, and the deep-fried Snickers...

Cheap Chick Info: Entrees are around $10 and deep-fried desserts are around $3.
Location Info: 383 Fifth Ave. (at 6th St.)
Subway: F, M, R to 9th St-4th Ave


Just wanted to give a shout-out to all my new readers (read: my friends and family)! I am a New York City-based writer who has worked many a retail position to survive in this city (yes, I also ate my lunch out of a vending machine and lived without cable TV-hard to believe, I know!). During this time I had to be creative about my entertainment options in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Despite what some of my friends think, I still maintain that you can have some amazing experiences in New York, for less than $20. In this blog I plan to share the secrets l learned while living as a "Cheap Chick in the City."